Welcome to DricaRibas2!

Hello everyone! How are you today?

Let me introduce DricaRibas2. I have considered writing in English for a long time. I have been talking with many people around the world through my social media network. Many of them, very curious to know “DricaRibas” better. Maybe, you are asking: Who are you? Well, my name is Adriana Ribasmayer, I am Brazilian Journalist living in Vienna for about 20 years.

I started my career as Journalist still in Brazil, in my family’s news paper “Rio Zona Sul”. I came to Europe in 2000 and during 10 years I worked in many jobs, I studied in two Universities – Brussel’s University and Vienna University. In the latter I have done my PHD about Brazilian Carnival as Performance Identity in Rio de Janeiro.“O Blog do DricaRibas” exists since seven years, but since a couple of years, I have decided to do it professionally. Writing is a passion for me. I both love to watch the stories of daily life and imagine new stories.

For sure, my Brazilian audience, they are interested to know how is life in Europe. That’s why I write many things about European politics. In English, I would like to write about my life here in Vienna and about Brazilian politics and culture. There is a lot of curiosity about my country, especially in this difficult Pandemic situation.So far, so good. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for reading!

Adriana Ribasmayer

P.S: Shortly, there will be german texts accompanying the english stories..

Adriana Ribasmayer